Back to Mono 回到黑與白的世界

March, 29, 2014

Black and white is forever. The classic combo reached its peak in the 60s, but now, designers have been adding decorative elements to the once predictable monochrome and given it new meanings. New patterns, geometric shapes, high contrast and couture-like details are all added to the mix to give it a contemporary modern feel that is refreshing yet so classic. This black-and-white duo is making a strong come-back. Minimalist visionaries such as Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham and French iconic brand IRO have all been the epitome of such a style. Off the runway, models and fashion bloggers are also rocking the trend in real life.

經典的黑與白是永恆不變的時尚,它不再是60年代獨享的時尚。這季,設計師們替黑與白增添了許多裝飾性元素-各式各樣新的pattern、強烈的對比、如高級定製服班細緻的細節和幾何圖案等,替黑與白增添摩登時尚感,帶來了全新的元素和面貌。而向來走極簡風的Alexander Wang、Victoria Beckham和法式時尚代表的IRO都是這種mono潮流的表徵。不論是秀場上或是下了秀之後的街拍,我們都不斷看到模特兒們或是時尚部落客穿著這新時代黑與白的搭配。

Rocking the monochrome in Paris - 巴黎街頭的黑與白


Featuring German top model Kati Nescher, IRO’s Spring campaign showcases the minimalism sophistication the brand has been known for. Whether it’s white-on-white, black and white, or all black, geometrics, graphics, prints and color-blocking are everywhere. Mixing the classic design with a touch of modern elements is exactly the essence of effortless chic French style and that is exactly what women all over the world fall for. Black and white is now officially the new black.

IRO的春裝由德國模特兒Kati Nescher代言,形象照充份表現出屬於IRO的極簡風白色時尚,由各種幾何印花圖騰等元素所成全白、全黑或黑白反差的穿搭,充分表現出時尚簡約卻又充滿了質感的法式現代時尚。


The Must-Have: White Jacket

White jackets are a must for this season, It’s the game changer that transforms our usual gloomy all-black look. Matching with high heels, form-fitting pants, minimalist dresses or short skirts, A white jacket helps create that refreshing and unique early Spring white look. For people who are more into casual dressing, wear it with a pair of classic blue jeans or white and gray printed denim, your look is instantly elevated with a young, fun and chic vibe. Are you ready for the white Spring? We can’t wait!


白色夾克推翻了寒天一定要穿黑色的刻板印象,腳踏高跟鞋,再搭上俐落的褲裝、洋裝或是短裙,創造出清新獨特的初春白時尚。而想走休閒風的人,不妨搭配經典的藍色牛仔褲或是白底印花褲,也顯得隨性有型。您準備好迎接初春的白色時尚了嗎? 我們等不及了呢!


Matching Shoes & Accessories 可搭配的鞋與飾品